1] Am I supposed to pay any subcribtion charges to join Mobile Philately?                           

Answer: No, Mobile Philately is a complimentry service so you are not supposed to pay any subcribtion amount to join it.

2] I have received few messages from Mobile Philately but now I am not receiving them, why?                                                                                                                                               Answer: This is because you would have not followed the instuctions given in the wel come message. Please click on How To Join page and follow the instructions.

3] I am unable to join Mobile Philately, why ?                                                                       

Answer: This may be because your cell number would be registered for DO NOT DISTURB (DND) towards your mobile operator.

4] How to remove Do Not Disturb status?                                                                                             

Answer: Please contact the customer care of your mobile operator for removing DND.

5] Can I get data of other members of Mobile Philately?                                                       

Answer: We are sorry for this, we have a policy not to share the personal data of our members with anyone without members prior approval to do so.

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